I. am. fat.

Oh I just heard it, the sharp intake of breath you took to prepare yourself to say in the sweetest tone you could muster up, “You’re not fat…”

Save it. I was born fat, grew up fat, and still am fat. I’m okay with that. Fat isn’t a bad word. It is a descriptor. What makes fat a bad word is the meaning society has put behind it. So if I say I’m fat, don’t say, “Oh you’re not fat, you’re pretty…” Can I not be pretty and fat?
“You’re not fat, you’re big boned…” I’m pretty sure my bones aren’t the things that make me fit in a size 18 pant.
“You’re not fat, you’re fluffy…” Do I look like a cute little barn animal to you? I mean come on.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that being fat, despite what the majority of people think, is not a bad thing.
This series, Being Fat, will be an inside look on the life of a fat girl in today’s society. It will take a chunky dunk into the waters of the world of cellulite, chub rub, fab flab, and even tears.
I know what you’re thinking. “But Meaghan, you just said you were happy about being the way you are.”
I know I did, but everyone has their bad days. Those dressing room breakdowns, those diets where you starve yourself and inject yourself with hormones, the moments you stand in front of a mirror at home, grab your stomach and wish you could cut and nip and rearrange things where they “should be.”
Just because you are confident, doesn’t mean you will not have moments of defeat. Where the stares of the public will drive you down, where people speaking under their breath and glancing at you will make you feel like your insides are ripping out of you, so forth and so on.
I hope this series will give an inside look to the life of someone that is like you, or someone that is not. This series is NOT just for fat girls, or guys, or anyone in between. This series is for thick bodies, thin bodies, athletic bodies, short bodies, tall bodies, lumpy bodies, boney bodies, and any kind of body you can think of.
So before we delve into topics such as, health, clothing, diets, dating, and so many others, open your mind. If you are not fat, try to understand.

And next time I say I’m fat, try something like, “Yeah, but you are also beautiful, smart, and talented.” Or if you really want to impress me, tell me how much you like my hair, I love that stuff.

Me being fat and doing something I love completely.
Me being fat and doing something I love completely.