Love yourself, and you will believe others can too.
Love yourself, and you will believe others can too.

Believe it or not, there are people that date fat girls. All of my life I have believed the exact opposite. Whenever somebody asked me out, I expected it to be a joke, because nobody could possibly think I’m pretty or want to date me right? WRONG.

Baby, I am worth it. My thick thighs, my chubby belly, and my fat face will and can be loved.
First it will be loved by ME. My fingers will graze my thighs and I will think, “beautiful.” I will touch my belly and I will think, “perfect.” I will see my face in the mirror and think, “this is me and I will love every inch of it no matter what anyone tells me.”
Second, it will be loved by the man that appreciates all of these things as much as I do or more. He will rest his hand on my thigh and think, “gorgeous.” He will see my belly and think, “amazing.” He will lovingly look me in the eyes and think, “This woman is beautiful, caring, smart, and so much more.”
Before I believed these things, boys have treated me like I was invisible, as if they were embarrassed of me. I have had a boy not even refer to me as a friend to his friends, but behind closed doors, kissed me as so much more than a friend.
I have had a boy text me things one would only text to someone they are planning to have sex with but then barely speak to me in public as if he had not sent me those messages the night before.
I will no longer be held back by anyone’s opinion of me. I am not invisible. I am nothing to be embarrassed about. I will KNOW I am beautiful and eventually I will find someone that finds me beautiful as well.
So will you.
Fat girls, love yourself, then you will believe others can love you too. Believe in yourself and the right person will be sent to you.
Baby, you are worth it.