By Meaghan Morton

(Editors note: Dale Morton is not related to writer Meaghan Morton.)

NACOGDOCHES, TX – The Nacogdoches County Republican Party opened a new headquarters for this voting season on Saturday.

Local politicians, Nacogdoches natives, SFA College Republicans and others attended the grand opening. The keynote speaker was Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. At this location, people can register to vote and volunteer.

Dale Morton, chairman of the Nacogdoches County Republican Party, said due to construction on East Austin Street, they felt the headquarters should have a new location.

“The Nacogdoches County Republican Party does not have a permanent office or headquarters. We open a headquarters just ahead of each General Election every two years,” Morton said. “We found the new location at 4017 North Street. You are aware of the phrase that describes the importance of location to a business, ‘Location, Location, Location!’ We feel we have been blessed with the right location this year.”

All of the positions at the headquarters are volunteer positions. According to Morton,  Nacogdoches County Republican Women, SFA Republicans, the NCRP and local and state candidates will use the facility as a gathering place.

“We invite the community and especially SFA Students to drop by often to pick up materials, register to vote, volunteer, block walk, etc.,” Morton said.

Around Nacogdoches the race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke for senate has become apparent. Cruz and Beto signs can be found in yards, on apartment porches and in the hands of men who walk streets showing support. The Nacogdoches County Democratic party has been seen on campus registering students to vote. So have other organizations on the SFA campus.

Dale Morton, chairman of the Nacogdoches County Republican Party, speaks to a crowd attending the NCRP headquarter’s grand-opening. Morton is also a pastor at a church in Nacogdoches.

Morton, who is also a preacher at a local church, said he is concerned about the whole student and not just politics. According to him, SFA students, including the SFA College republicans, attend meetings at the headquarters.

“At our first meeting for this semester Brianna Suell, SFA Republicans president and other members participated actively in the meeting,” Morton said. “Brianna greeted our group and shared both summer experiences of club members as well as plans for this fall. This summer we met together to plan for the SFA group to use our headquarters this fall.”

Monthly meetings for the NCRP are held at 6 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Nacogdoches County Courthouse Annex. The meetings include a “Listen and Learn” segment, according to Morton.

“Everyone really enjoys our meetings. It is also a place for students to network with citizens. This networking is a great way for students to enjoy the geography and culture of the Piney Woods,” Morton said.